Contemporary Artificial Flowers For The Contemporary Home

Contemporary Artificial Flowers For The Contemporary Home

Artificial flowers have been popular decorative items in the home for many generations however over the last decade this trend has receded. Why is this? Perhaps it is because in the days of old these flowers were painstakingly hand made with fine materials such as silk and nylon. wholesale artificial flowers uk In more recent years however artificial flowers have been made of poor quality cheap plastic and can be found in the supermarkets, bargain shops and traditional floral shops alike. Perhaps however the real reason for the decline is the way trends in home decor have changed in this modern world. If you shop around you can still find many stores selling good quality artificial flowers and artificial flower arrangements however many of these decorations are perhaps too traditional and old fashioned to have a place in the modern home of today.

The modern home for many is minimalistic. Decorative and floral wallpapers are long gone in favour of plain painted walls with one or maybe two accents of colour. These accents are brought out using simple and basic decorations such as an abstract wall hanging, soft furnishings such as cushions and pillows, or maybe a strategically placed fruit bowl, candle holder or vase. No place for traditional artificial flower arrangements……until now.

In recent months (2010) a new wave of modern fake flowers have emerged in many styles, colours and materials that will take pride of place in any contemporary home whatever the decor or style,

The first of these to be discussed are the net flowers. Made from the same material as nylon stockings, these were once popular over 50 years ago but have now re-emerged. With modern dyeing techniques these are now available in almost any colour you can imagine and not just the dull neutral colours of yesteryear. The flowers are created by hand by shaping the petals out of metallic wire and stretching the nylon net over the top than carefully binding them together to form the flower heads. The heads are then bound to stems to form an arrangement. These are available in many styles both abstract and with similarity to their natural counterparts. The net flowers have grown massively in popularity towards the end of 2010 and are fast becoming the number one alternative to traditional wedding flowers.

Glazed flowers are the most recent style of artificial flowers that are emerging in the market. The more compact petals are made from wire similar to the nylon flowers however rather than having fabric stretched over the petals they are glazed with a transparent lacquer that gives the effect of being made from glass. Remarkably, these are very flexible and resistant to damage and as such can be displayed in any room and are as fine a compliment in the bathroom or kitchen as they would be in a lounge. Single or multiple colours can be added to the lacquer creating some stunning effects.

Not forgetting the silk flowers. Although not altogether new, silk flowers are now available in modern colours to match popular modern accents such as lime green, aubergine, teal and hot pink to name just a few.

In summary, artificial flower arrangements are back in fashion. Unlike the flowers of the past, the new wave of artificial flowers perhaps should be considered as decorative items rather than fake flowers. With vibrant colours, new materials and many styles there will be something that will compliment any modern living or working space.


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